Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How dare they!

Yanac is a tiny township in the middle of the Victorian wimmera. It is 32km to the next big town Nhill (pop2400). We are right on the edge of the Big Desert National Park and there is no mobile coverage out here. Yanac is lucky enough to have a phone box, it is considered one of our community assets. Imagine my surprise when I found this!

At the bottom it says

"As a continuing service to you, we have another payphone located at"

-Outside the IGA in Nhill-.......32 kms away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have decorated the phone box a bit LOL.

I have organised petitions in Nhill so I can submit those to Telstra. I have rang and logged my concern on 1800 011 433, please help by calling this 'free call' number and letting them know that Yanac does not have mobile phone coverage and NEED a phone box. Are you on Facebook? Please search Yanac and join the group 'Save the Yanac Phone Box'. Together we will keep the phonebox!


Belinda said...

Absolutely .. it really is concerning what Telstra is allowed to get away with.

A couple of other things I can think of that might help advance your cause.

Contact your local member and explain the situation and your concern.

Contact any Community services or support networks aimed at low income people in your area. Phone lines to a property are not exactly cheap to keep up on a yearly basis so I am willing to bet that there would be a section of your community for which that box is their only connection outside.

Kind Regards

han_ysic said...

Good luck Kirsty. That's ridiculous

Anonymous said...

What scumburgers (as my daughter would say). Good luck with your fight to save an endangered species, the public phone.


Kerrilyn said...

that is soo people have obviously made the decisions..theyre trying to get rid of loads in small towns

Gidgetknits said...

Good luck! As someone who is still resisting getting a mobile phone, I'm getting increasingly annoyed at the loss of public phone boxes.

Anonymous said...

Time for a blog update Kirsty Girl :-)))

Linda said...

I wish they knew how it felt to live in a place with limited mobile coverage.