Friday, July 25, 2008


I thought that when I got a computer I would stop buying books. I imagined that everything I needed to know was at my finger tips and in a way it is but nothing can take the place of a good book. I have a pile of about of about12 books that I constantly refer to. I have bookshelves and bookshelves of books but I find myself continually coming back to these 12.
Hard Times Handbook by Keith and Irene Smith
The Complete Urban Farmer by David Wickers
Backyard Self-sufficiency by Jackie French
The Best of Jackie French by Jackie French
Home Grown, Survive the recession from your own backyard by Richard Beckett
Making Money from your Garden by Jackie French
The Earth Garden Book by Keith and Irene Smith
Surviving the Eighties by Michael Boddy and Richard Beckett
Australia and New Zealand Guide to Compost Gardening by David Hornblow
Carla Emery's Old Fashioned Recipe Book by Carla Emery
Home Farm by Paul Heiney
Country Wisdom and Know-how from the editors of Storey Books
Most of them Mum gave me but I still find myself searching for new titles on eBay and at garage sales etc.
What are some of your favorite books? I would love to know!


Chris and Dave said...

Anything written by Jackie French. I have Chook Book, Companion Planting and even an old Gem called, Organic Gardening in Australia, back when her author name was Jaqueline French! This is my favourite gardening book and it was written decades ago!

I also love Backyard Poultry Naturally, by Alanna Moore. One of the best instructional books on keeping poultry in Australia!

Two other old publications I have which I constantly refer to for ideas, is The Reader's Digest, Back to Basics and The Australian Self-Sufficiency Handbook by Keith & Irene Smith, & Alan Thomas.

I love a good book!

Jamie said...

What a great book collection.... One can never have too many books & they are still my first place to look for info.... Some of my fave's are "How johnny popper replaced the horse","john deere model D photo archive","nebraska tractor tests since 1920","ford trucks since 1905" just to name a few.... but you already knew that !Gobblers Run looks like a great place to visit. I might drop in sometime..... Who's the cool guy on the old tractor in the collecting section?

Anonymous said...

HAHA Jamie!!I KNOW that's you! :-)

Noice books Kirsty Girl. Can you tell me about Home Farm? Have you seen it for sale anywhere?


Kirsty said...

Ah yes now he has his own computer there is no stopping him lol.

Mum picked up Home Farm a few years ago on a 'throw out' table at dymocks quite cheap. I just checked out on line sales and its bloody expensive!!! It is one of my most favoured books, it covers everything!!!

Anonymous said...

Get out and polish your tractors Jamie!! :-)

Thanks Kirsty, will check out the links.

Have you read any of John Seymour's books?

I love The Wilderness Garden and Backyard Self Sufficiency by Jackie French, Rosemary Morrow's permaculture book (you should get it, Green Harvest has it)Intro to Permaculture by Bill Mollison, Carla Emery's housebrick, The Permaculture Home Garden by Linda Woodrow...

I just watched Hope Floats sob sob so I can't think of any others at the moment.


Jamie said...

Just dropped by to mention a couple more good books. Check out "Ford Heavy Duty Trucks 1948-1998", "Vintage Air Craft Nose Art","Encyclopedia Of American Farm Tractors", "Fordson 1917-1928 Photo Archive", "Ford Farm Tractors", etc, etc. Welcome to drop in and view them anytime (that includes you Tully!)
Cheers, Outlaw D.
PS... Hey Tully, There's plenty of warm soapy water & sponges here if you want to come over and help out polishing the tractors.... I'll supply the T shirts!

Jamie said...

Sorry `bout that last comment.... I was very bad! I'll leave the comments page for the real bloggers. `Bye.

earthmotherwithin said...

In my opinion Stephanie Alexander's cook book "the cook's companion" is fantastic, and I agree about Jackie French-now making a collection.
I also like Yates Garden Guide-faithful old advice.