Monday, June 16, 2008

Can you play the spoons?

A little over 2 years I went to a local Christmas concert. Performing at this concert was a man playing a trumpet. The elderly man sitting next to me was full of praise for the trumpet player and asked if I had any musical skills. The correct answer would have been NO however that wasn't what came out of my mouth.

"Oh yes Mr Clarke, I'm really good at playing the spoons,"

What! I can't play the spoons, what was I thinking. I heard the words as they exited my mouth and couldn't believe what I was hearing.

A little white lie. No damage done?

I just got of the phone with Mr Clarke who has booked me to play the spoons in a concert in two weeks.

Can you learn to play the spoons in 2 weeks?........HELP!


belinda said...

I guess there is some grace in the fact you didn't set the bar impossibly high.

Think you might need to fess up on this one though unless you have a good dose of percussion in your past.... either that or you are probably going to set a whole new standard for "good spoons players".

Then again an instrument such as the spoons would rely heavily on showmanship and that I am pretty sure you have in spades.

Kind Regards

molly said...

Can you sprain a wrist real quick LOL!

Lordy, I'm with Belinda, it might be fess up time OR you could put a comedy spin on it and do a solo on how NOT to play them lol


Lucy C said...

You are a crazy chicken.

baringapark said...

How's the practice going Kirst? I giggle every time I think of this!!