Sunday, May 18, 2008

My new baby

I went to the Wimmera Poultry Club annual auction today and came home with a pair the majestic Malay Game Here is a pic of me holding the rooster, he hasn't grown back all his feathers after moulting but should look amazing when his new feathers come in! The hen is plain white. There were three pairs go up and I had my heart set on him so I probably paid to much But you don't see them around much so I'm pretty chuffed


Lil said...

Aww you look so happy with him :) I don't think I could ever hold a bird like that, I'm way too scared, hehe! You're obviously a natural.
Luv Lil xox

Lucy C said...

Oooh, I do love those dinosaur chooks.

Anonymous said...

I'm always a bit scared of the game birds. I think I will stick with the pekins. You look like you have him under control though.

Kirsty said...

Ah Lucy C, I wouldn't have known about the auction if it wasn't for Backyard Poultry! I asked if anyone knew where I could get some and someone said that the wimmera poultry club has an auction! I love the Net!!!! The look a bit like Vultures

The Duck Herder said...

He is so cool Kristy!

We have the big poultry show happening here at ONC soon - It's a bit like the house you looked at - should I go if I know in advance that I wont be able to control myself at the auction?

heehee - of course!