Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dumb and Clumsy

I fall over a lot....not just a few times but lots!

Last night I felt like sausages for tea and why not? But I didn't want to miss Big Brother (I know!) so I bought the electric fry pan into the lounge room and cooked them in front of the telly. I then went to bed.

I had to get up during the night and trying to save electricity I didn't turn the lights on. I thought knew were everything was. That was before I cooked sausages on the floor. I caught my toe in the electrical cord then fell into the fry pan! I landed all my weight on my knee in the fry pan. I have a compression bandage to suppress the swelling and an appointment for an ultrasound when the swelling goes down!

Dumb and Clumsy


Anonymous said...

Kirsty, Oh dear! I apologize for chuckling over your frypan ordeal but, I can relate, oh how I can relate! lol After thinking about things for a bit I've come to the conclusion that you are not 'dumb and clumsy', as you think. Remember the chook tractor??? lol The problem has to be the lounge room! Maybe, you are going to have to change things around a bit so you can watch the telly in the kitchen...then the frypan will be in the kitchen! Anyway, good luck on your ultrasound and I do hope your knee will heal very soon.
Best Wishes and Lots of Hugs, Aunt Bea

Belinda said...

Oh Kirsty,

Good luck with your ultra sound... I hope you have just mashed things around a lot rather than broken something.

Kind Regards

greenwords said...

Deary me, hope your knee recovers quickly. What a funny story though! I love reading about your life and occasional escapades. I agree with Aunt Bea, it is all the fault of the lounge-room.

molly said...

Hey Kirsty, hope that knee gets better soon!

Violet said...

Ouch...hope it heals quick. Well atleast you didn't miss Big Brother. lol


Lucy C said...

I can SO relate.
I have cooked with the electric frypan in front of the tv loads of times.
But I do wish you hadn't tripped.
That not sound like fun at all.