Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dog Attacks

On Tuesday and again last night a dog got in and attacked my chooks and sheep! I'm so angry, saddened and upset! Two chooks were killed, one mauled and my sheep scared out of their wits and they jumped over the fence, God what if they broke their legs or something. My chooks just wander around the yard, minding their own business, just being chooks. They did not ask for this! Two nights in a row! I'm just so upset.

Monopoly (Old English Game) and Stormy (Dark Barred Plymouth Rock Bantam) will be sadly missed and forever remembered.

Hopefully I will post a more uplifting post soon.


Anonymous said...

UGH! I am so sorry to hear that Kirsty, there is nothing worse than irresponsible dog owners!

I lined the outside of our chook pen with cement slabs for foxes, perhaps that would stop the dogs?

Or perhaps a hen house you could lock up tight?

It's a shame when these things happen, we treat our chooks like family pets, so I can sympathise with how you are feeling.


Lil said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that hun! My kitten recently died - it's so hard losing a pet! *big hugs*
Lil xo

baringapark said...

hugs for you Kirsty. I hope you resolve this soon darls.

Lucy C said...

Oh no!
That is awful.
I am so glad Paul and Kelly are ok.
What about the turkeys?
Do you know who owns the dogs?

Kirsty said...

Thanks everyone. Both the attacks happened in the middle of the day when the chooks are freeranging around the yard. Now however they are contained in the turkey run all day...they hate it I know they do I can see it in their eyes :( Lucy the turkeys were unscathed as they were in their run. Maybe if my gobbler was out it would be a different story as he is happy to attack me I think he would have made short work of a minature foxy lol. The dog belongs to my neighbours little boys, that makes it hard cause I hate conflict and stuff. But I have since made it clear that if the dog is lose I will be contacting the ranger immediatly

Lucy C said...

I think that is a fair response.