Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chooks are sneaky

When I got home today I heard a familiar sound. A chook clucking away to her chickens. I was a bit confused as I didn't have a chook sitting and so I followed the sound and finally found her. She has tucked herself away between the cut off tank and the house. I can't get in there which maybe why I hadn't noticed that rubbish had blown in there lol. To get the photo I had to just hold the camera over the edge of the tank and snap.

I feel a bit like a bad Mum as I hadn't actually notice that she was missing and she must have been sitting for 3 weeks! Maybe it's a sign that I have to many chooks? No, that can't be right 'cause they are all so cool! I'm not sure how I'll get the chickens out, sort of hoping mummy chicken will just bring them out when they are a bit bigger. I might have to lower in water and feed until then though.

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