Friday, January 25, 2008

What have I done to my blog!!!

I tried to change the template and it didn't work. I had to go back to this one and now all my links are gone! and my cool picture from up the top Poo Poo and more Poo!!!!!!!!!!! I saved the original template but when I cut and past the HTML thingy it just lists a whole page of gobbidy gook! Why didn't I pay more attention in year 10 computer studies! Anyone know how to get the old one back????


Ali said...

I wish I knew how to help you Kirsty.....

I hope someone can!

The Duck Herder said...

oh oh! Sorry Kristy - complete technogumby here.....

love the new soap packaging though.
AND, I was wondering, recently I bought a few soap/cosmetic fragrances from Heirloom that I will not use - all part of the making skin care products and shampoos thingy - would you like them? There is a coffee one, and an applejack one (spicey apple)? and probably a few others. They are only little bottles.... BUT, happy to post them to you as a gift - it might even make you feel a TINY bit better about the terrible thing that has happened to your blog!

love duckie

Anonymous said...

Yes Ali I hope so to LOL Scarecrow has sent me some help center link thingos so I'm reading like a freak LOL

Oh Duckie that would be lovely, I would love to send you some soaps in return! How did the shampoo go ? I would like to give that a go sometime.

Robin said...

Oh no Kirsty, sorry i cant help you out either...Hope someone else can


The Duck Herder said...

Oh dear - it is worse that we thought - you have been relegated to "anonymous"!

Shampoo is going pretty good- skin lotions are going FABULOUS! I am almost ready to post a new recipe. Everyone just loves them.

How about I get your email off your shop and then I can get your address?

yay! I am glad they won't go to waste.

duckie xxx