Thursday, January 3, 2008

Watch your P's and Q's

My Granny always said to us that we should watch our P's and Q's. I thought for a long time she was saying Peas and Corn lol. Anyway, I had this fabric laying around for ages and I thought I would make a dress for my niece.
I found the pattern online here but unfortunately I forgot to add the seam allowance and now it would suite a 3month old hehehe! It's fully reversible. I think I might whip up a flash matching nappy cover tomorrow! No I didn't get the bread made!


Polly said...

That's very cute Kirsty. Love the colours. If you want anything other than pink or mauve for little girls it seems you have to make it yourself.

baringapark said...

You are sooo clever Kirsty! I wish I had an Auntie like you!

Ali said...

how gorgeous Kirsty!!