Saturday, December 8, 2007


WOooHooo! The auction for the ginger jar ended last night and I won! I'm over the moon! I was secretly increasing my maximum all week cause I was scared I would be outbid in the final minutes. I even went to bed really early so I would sit and watch in case I missed out.
A couple of people had sent me supportive messages during the week which was great. Even some of the ladies at work were asking "hows the auction going?"
The ginger jar was released in large and small but I am just happy to have one in my collection. There are three 'hard to get' pieces, the toast rack, a small square platter and the ginger jars and now I have all three which just leaves me with the elusive search for a Mason's Red Vista Dressing Table Box. I haven't ever seen one I have just read that they were released so to find one of those........anyway I won't worry if I can't find one just having the Big 3 is enough for me (at the moment anyway).


Ali said...

woohoo kirsty ~ congratulations :)

I kept checking on ebay to see if you were the highest bidder, lol!

I take it this Mason's collection is in a place where cats can't knock them over, lol?!

Lucy C said...

Well done.
Do youlike ginger?

baringapark said...

I was watching too with fingers crossed - YIPPEE...Merry Christmas Kirsty!

Crazy Mumma said...

Oh yeah, well done Kirsty!! It's utterly gorgeous, you have great taste ;-)

Belinda said...

Congratulations Kirsty,

I was watching all week and hoping for you as well.

Its always great when you find something that special.

Kind Regards

Polly said...

That's fantastic Kirsty, congratulations.