Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hhhhmmmm What is a wool soaker?

I hadn't heard of 'soakers' till about 3 months ago. There are some amazing ones around. Check this out for a bit of an explanation.

They come in long leg or short and in-between, longies, shorties and Capri's.

Some are so creative, check out Monster Knits Gallery

And here are the ones that started my addiction. Mel in a Nutshell's beautiful pants she knitted.

See why I wished I could knit!


Ali said...

so, are you going to sell them or are you just making them for gifts/family members???

Kirsty said...

oh you should see it up close LOL no one would want to buy them! I just couldn't work out what else to make with my dodgy tube LOL

Lucy C said...

You crack me up!

Mel : ) said...

ohhh thanks! remember, ive only been knitting a couple of months, its hard in the beggining but the hardest thing is finishing your first real project (something other than a scarf) youll be so proud of your self & it will get much easier from there.

go on, give it another go!!!!

The Duck Herder said...

aaaaah - now I get it!

well done Kristy!

Jenny said...

I'm a wool soaker fan too but I no longer have a baby to knit them for. I've been thinking of knitting them and selling them in my etsy shop I'm so desperate.