Sunday, November 18, 2007

Look what I made!

I love to sew but all the soap has really taken away from my sewing time. I have been cruising some new blogs lately and noticed cloth nappies. They are so cute! I couldn't resist giving one a go. I used a free pattern called Ottobre it was sooo easy. I needed better elastic but I think it turned out OK for a first go. Not bad for a mornings work!

I have a great stash of funky and fun patchwork fabrics to pick from but I went with vintage tractors....I wonder why????? Can't wait to try some more, just need to find a baby to try them out on!


Ali said...

WOW Kirsty ~ you're so talented!! and that fabric is gorgeous :)

so, who's having a baby??!!

The Duck Herder said...

hey, they are really lovely!

Anonymous said...

Vintage tractors...I wonder why?? ;-)))

Beautiful job Kirsty!

Ali said...

hi Kirsty ~ I've just tagged you for a MeMe, please see my blog for details :)

Mel : ) said...

Hi Kristy!

that nappy is fab!!!! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :D

i only started knitting a couple of months ago, its really not as hard as you think. is a fantastic resource, theres vids on there to show you how to do everything & the stitch n bitch handbook is a great book to get you started - you should give it a go.

good luck with makin a bub to go into that ultra cute nappy!

mel :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how gorgeous. Are you sure you're not trying to tell us something? Just kidding.


Kirsty said...

No unfortunatly no news here :(

just couldn't resist giving it a go! LOL

Rose said...

They are lovely!!

Love Bears All Things said...

I love them. I always prefered cloth to disposable but they are very expensive if you can find them at all anymore. These are marketable to people who are serious about the environment.
Mama Bear