Wednesday, October 3, 2007

He is pushing it now!

Troy has three girlfriends. You would think that was enough.

All three lady turkeys are sitting (two on turkey eggs and one on chook eggs) They have chosen to 'sit' in the chook house. The chook house has a chook sized door so I'm not sure Troy can get in there and it would have been a squeeze for the girls. The chooks are also laying in there.
On Sunday I went to collect the eggs and feeling confident because Jamie was here I didn't take the 'distance regulator'. The distances regulator is really just a length of poly pipe used to keep Troy at an acceptable distance. No, I don't hit him, just sort of poke him back a bit if he gets excited. Anyway off I went.

The chook house is at the end of a long thin enclosed chicken wire yard. I was half way through the yard and I heard Troy. I got a bit of a fright as he was closer than I was expecting! I shot backwards against the chicken wire and froze. Troy assumed a position directly in front of me and not more than a metre away. If I moved to the left so did Troy if I moved to the right he came to. I searched for a stick or anything within reach but there was nothing. Every time I moved Troy would turn sideways, grunt and rush me. I was really starting to panic now! (have you seen the Wild Turkey ad?) OK Jamie was down at the house, I just have to get his attention and he will come gallantly to the rescue.
Help Jamie Help!
I called for twenty minutes. I'm surprised the neighbours didn't wonder what was going on. Still no sign of Jamie.
After about half an hour Troy got distracted and started to wander off. The second he left the chook run I fled. I like to think I looked like Cathy Freeman as she took gold at Sydney as I ran across the paddock but I fear I looked more like Edna Everage.
Poor Jamie was bemused as I through open the door and promptly burst into tears.
Why.....didn' me?
He hadn't heard me bellowing!
Jamie thinks I just have to show confidence and not let Troy know I'm scared. To demonstrate Jamie strode through the yard and Troy just ignored him. I pointed out that Jamie sports and impressive beard and perhaps in Troy’s eyes Jamie is a big male turkey with a huge wattle! And in Troy's eyes I'm a very attractive lady turkey!


Ali said...

I'd be petrified of Troy!!!!

Bella said...

You really have a great storytelling talent!

Woody said...

It has to be the soap. Troy has a favorite flavor that your He is a fine looking tom though.

Lucy C said...

Wow. That is quite a story.

Anonymous said...

He certainly is a beautiful bird! Is he a bronze?

Kirsty said...

Yes he scares the pants off me! Yes he is supposed to be a broze but not a very good one lol. Paul and Kelly have run away tonight I can't find them so I think maybe they had had enough of Troys advances as well!

Anonymous said...

What a funny story, though of course it wasn't funny at the time. I have never seen a male turkey close up; probably don't want to now either!