Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Simple Day

What a great day I had today! It started when I used my new soap cutter. It's a cheese slicer, I took it apart and put a heavy duty wire in it. It works a dream!

Then I put together my brand spanking new pasta maker. I've always wanted one of these. How much fun! I really enjoyed taking the time to prepare the dough and Jamie and I had a ball rolling out the pasta.
I was really pleased with how it turned out. So yummy! It's just flour, oil, salt and eggs. I had it with pesto my favourite!


Ali said...

great pics Kirsty!! the pasts making sounds like fun :)

Ali said...

woops ~ meant to say pasta !

Anonymous said...

We often say 'What did we do before we had children?' and we always come back to the weekend that we made home-made pasta. It was hung all around the kitchen to dry. Needless to say since having children it is not an activity that we have done since having them.


Polly said...

I love my pasta machine too Kirsty and simple sauces seem to go so well with fresh pasta. You two going to have heaps of fun with that.

I love your soap cutter and your soap :-) How many batches have you made now and what are you using for the green colouring?

Kirsty said...

Hi Polly, I've made about six different batches now LOL I think I'm addicted! It is so interesting to see what happens with different oils and fats and the combinations. I put my tax return to good use at Aussie soap supplies and the green colouring in green chromium oxide. The green soap in the picture is 'Peppermint Dream' It looks and smells like the inside of peppermint chocolates...YUM

Polly said...

You've got the bug. :-) Be warned it is all consuming but lots of fun.