Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mason's Red Vista

Isn't collecting a funny thing? So many people collect such a varied array of things with such varied reasons for collecting. My boyfriend collects vintage tractors. I think I could tell you any thing you need to know about John Deere Model D's just by association. He often takes me to tractor do's, tractor pulls and displays. Often there are also vintage engine displays and men who collect vintage tools etc. all displaying their collections proudly. The picture above is my darling boyfriend on his restored 1925 Fordson F (gee I hope I got that right!).

The whole point of my ramblings is I'm trying to live as frugally as possible. I re-use and recycle as much as possible, grow my own veggies and have chooks for eggs. I do all this to save enough money to pay off my loan and be debt free. That is my number one goal!

Why then am I thwarted in my efforts by my collecting addiction? I don't know the answer to that. All I know is that I'm driven to acquire all the Mason's Red Vista that I can.

I know that if oil runs out and petrol prices increase, food becomes scarce this china will not help me! Still I search through dusty antique shops an eBay just hoping to come across a piece I don't have. I am writing about this in the hope that seeing it up on the screen will hopefully give me the shot in the arm I need to stop this pointless spending!

Does anyone else face this battle or am I alone? Have you overcome your collecting addiction and if so how did you do it? I really need help LOL!


Polly said...

I say allow yourself one luxury Kirsty. That Red Vista is gorgeous.

Crazy Mumma said...

Sorry Kirsty, I'm with Polly, LOL! There is an old adage that I can't remember word for word, but it is something like "have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful". I have several things in my house that aren't useful at all, but make me feel happy just to look at as I go by... and it's not like you are lining up at an expensive department store to buy your Red Vista on a maxed out credit card just to impress your neighbours :-) If it brings you joy and you scored a bargain in the process, good for you.

Mary said...

I agree with Polly and Crazy Mumma! If it gives you joy and doesn't take food out of the mouths of your babes (so to speak) then what's the harm?

As to how to stop, I can't help you, either. I collect wool for spinning, yarn for knitting, fabric for quilting and fashion sewing, and equipment for my hobbies.

Lately, it's vintage Singer sewing machines. I don't know why ;-) I console myself when I'm feeling down about the acquiring by reminding myself that all of my collections can keep my family warm. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;-)

If you hear of a 12-step program, do let me know...

Ali said...

as the others have said collecting something is harmless if you aren't going without else where ~ and as you're not don't worry about it and enjoy your collecting:)

Kirsty said...

Ah I feel a lot better about it now. But I will be slowing down a little (well trying to anyway lol) The collection was started by my great grandmother so continuing gives me a feeling of connectedness to her. That makes me happy! Thanks for all the kind comments

Lucy C said...

Don't stop.
That china is beautiful!
The connection with your grandmother is special.

Rhonda Jean said...

kirsty, I'm with the other girls, I think if it gives you joy, just accept it. It's really nice that it has that family connection for you too.

Michelle said...

I agree with all of the above! Here! Here!
It obviously brings you joy and it is both useful and beautiful.
You are buying secondhand so are not creating a demand for more to be manufactured and you cannot put a price on the connection it gives you to your grandmother.
Stop beating yourself up and enjoy it :)
Now on the other hand the tractors are a whole other ballgame LOL(just kidding)
I too have a hubby that collects things, his drug of choice is motorbikes, old motorbikes to be exact. I think he has 9 at the moment(I lose count)
It makes him happy although it does sometimes take up a bit too much of his time for my liking.
P.S. Just gotta add that is one amazing beard!! My hubby would be green with envy :)

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Kristy. I wanted to say I love your blog, and that I have passed on the subversive frugality award to you! The award was started by Rhonda from Down to Earth. I am not totally sure what this whole :meme"ing thing is all about, as I am very new to the world of blogs, but congrats and I hope it doesnt take you as long as me to work our what to do! :o)

Anyway,about the collecting thing, I share the same problem, I have an obsession with breeding stupid fluffy silkie chickens - the only breed that I can't bear to eat the extra roosters, sigh. So I understand aout the red vista.

keep up the great bloggings Kristy!

Love Bears All Things said...

Well,it is good to see you aren't perfect. Do you use the china? I do collect some things, new and old. If you're using the old, that's a form of recycling.
Mama Bear