Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Frugal New Lounge!

The house here on Gobbler's Run is a little one but it has 4 bedrooms. The smallest one, across from the main bedroom will one day be an inside toilet and bathroom as mine are currently outside. That leaves the front two bedrooms.

I have thought about it long and hard and I've decide to turn the bigger one into a lounge room. Yes I do already have a lounge room and it is the room in which I like to relax. Relaxing for me (and I hate to admit this as I'm going to sound really lazy) means that if I've finished with a glass or plate or book I will 'deal' with them when I'm finished relaxing. So often there are a couple of mugs and a plate or two waiting to be dealt with, it honestly doesn't worry me but I am so embarrassed if visitors call in! So to solve my dilemma the new lounge will be my everyday room and the current lounge will become a formal sitting room. What I mean by that is a room which isn't used and kept spotless so when visitors call I can receive them in there. They never have to see my relaxation 'Zone'.
As with all the renovations here I will be doing most of it myself. I can't see the point of paying a man/woman to drive all the way out here and do something I could have done. Don't get me wrong if it is something that involves electricity or something I will call someone. Yesterday I took off a door, removed the door frame and rehung the door and reattached the door frame. I then set about pulling up the carpet, that may sound easy but a room size carpet is heavy and awkward.

That is the carpet folded up and reviling the beautiful linoleum underneath. This made me a bit excited as through out the house when ever I lifted the floor coverings there were newspapers from the year the coverings had been laid. No newspapers in this room :( Next up came the lino. I nosed around the edges and the floor boards underneath looked great. Unfortunately right in the middle in front of the fireplace several boards have been replaced and some sort of oil that burns my skin seems to have been painted around the edges of the old boards. I am wondering if it may be an old treatment for termites? What ever it is it smells and stings! I will be polishing the rest of the floor and I have a large rug that I will put over that section! LOL.

I have enough paint left over from the other rooms that I can use and that is a big saving!


Ali said...

I've never seen lino like that before. Isn't renovating/decorating fun and a great feeling of accomplishment when it's completed :)

Polly said...

Love the lino Kirsty. Is any of it in good enough condition to re-use somewhere?

Anonymous said...

I would have kept the lino ;-P

Michelle said...

I have a 'spotless' formal lounge that never gets used!! Whenever I have visitors we always gravitate to the family room and kitchen!
I agree with the other posters, I thought the lino was pretty cool, but I do love polished floorboards.

Kirsty said...

oh bum! I thought it was pretty cool too but I was desperate to get to the floor boards and the lino didn't fair very well :( I am going to use it as a weed mat under paths etc. so it won't go to waste!

Love Bears All Things said...

You're going to get tired of hearing from me! Back when J and I had the farm, we built a house ourselves. You can actually do your own wiring. Of course if the authorities require inspection, maybe not. I ran our wire, put in fixtures and plugs,J connected it all to the power box. He did all the plumbing. It's not that hard if you have instructions.
Mama Bear

jamie lee said...

look i've just come across you and I'm so excited. my family grew up in Yanac many years ago. I often think about my incredible life here. My grandparents were the Hoffichters whom nested in the house across from the old tennis courts on Francis St. After my Granfather Norman died in 84 and my Grandma in '92, I seldom have visited. The town is something I dream about every week, remember so often and flicking through your photos takes me back. Your garden I've been through I've played in the alley out the back as a child. I'm so glad to see you on here. I love it! I cant wait to see more pictures of the town. Could you put some up possibly? maybe write a story of how and when you got there.????

jamie x